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  • Uetz, P., Rai, T.P., Thapa, R., Lester, B. & Freed, P. (2022) A herpetological trip to Nepal. Sauria, 44(4): 3–31









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Network Biology


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Lengauer bookOriginal Research

Invited book chapters:

  • Rajagopala S.V.; Titz B. & Uetz P. (2007) Array-based yeast two-hybrid screening for protein-protein interactions. In: Yeast Gene Analysis 2nd EditionMethods in Microbiology Series, Vol 36, Edited by Mike Stark and Ian Stansfield, Elsevier, pp. 139-163.
  • Goll J. & Uetz P. (2007) Analyzing protein interaction networks. In: T.Lengauer (ed.), Bioinformatics – From Genomes to Drugs, Vol. 3, VCH-Wiley, pp. 1121-1177.


Original Research

Invited Reviews



Original Research

Invited Reviews


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Original Research




  • Guo M., Aston C., Burchett S.A., Dyke C., Fields S., Rajarao S.J.R., Uetz P., Wang Y., Young K. & Dohlman H.G. (2003) The yeast G protein subunit Gpa1 transmits a signal through a novel effector RNA-binding protein Scp160. Molecular Cell 12: 517-524.



  related stuff:

  • Hot paper: A Tale of Two-HybridThe Scientist 16 (10): 38
  • Uetz, P. (2002) Ran an den Speck! – Pardon…die Leber. Laborjournal (10): 46-47
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