BNFO 391 – Functional genomics

Fall 2022 (starting Tue, Aug 23)

Class hours: Tue, Thu 2:00 pm – 4:45 pm

This course is related to HHMI-sponsored BNFO 251/252 (Phage discovery, Dr. Allison Johnson) in which students isolate phage, sequence and annotate their genomes.

In BNFO 391, students will learn some essential techniques for the functional analysis of genes, especially genes of unknown function. This course provides students with a true research experience. Each student will be assigned about 5-10 genes s/he will study experimentally by cloning the gene, expressing the protein in bacteria and determine how the protein effects cell growth and infection by other phage. If time permits, students will also investigate protein-protein interactions of their protein and how this allows us to study protein function. None of the proteins used in this class have been studied before, at least not experimentally, hence this is a real research project without known outcome.

Prerequisites: BNFO 251/252 or other class in molecular biology, genetics, or biochemistry

See also: (Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science)

The Syllabus (2021) is available here. An updated version will be posted in August 2022.