Welcome to the Uetz lab

… at the Center for Biological Data Science at Virginia Commonwealth University

The Uetz lab is working on proteins, protein function, bioinformatics and reptile taxonomy. Some of our recent projects and publications include:

Reptile taxonomy and biodiversity informatics. There are not only millions of proteins but also millions of species. Our contribution to biodiversity research is the Reptile Database, taxonomic data analysis, and its integration with other data sources:

Protein function, protein complexes, and protein domains. We study protein function, especially of uncharacterized and poorly understood proteins using both computational and experimental approaches. Our group has solved the function of half a dozen uncharacterized proteins and domains:

Microbial interactomics. Our group has mapped the interactomes of 5 different microbes, more than any other lab in the world. These interactomes provide insights into the molecular organization of cells and protein function:

Bioinformatics of protein networks. We also analyze the networks we have produced experimentally with a variety of bioinformatics methods. We strive to understand complex networks but also individual proteins and protein domains (see Protein function … below):

Virus and phage interactomics. Viruses and phage are excellent models to study protein interaction networks and protein function because they are small and have loads of uncharacterized proteins. We have studied both human viruses and phage of various bacteria, including E. coli, Mycobacteria, and Streptococcus:

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