BNFO 591 – Proteins

— currently not being taught —

This course provides an overview of modern protein research and bioinformatic tools to study proteins and proteomes.

Reading list (see below): G, W: General reading for all students (W = Wikipedia) S: student specific material.

Each student will need to read 2 or 3 papers about a specific project, including 1-2 reviews and an original research papers, and give a short presentation. Topics include:

Day 1: Introduction to proteins

Day 2: Protein resources

Day 3: Protein feature analysis

Day 4: Protein structure

Day 5: Protein evolution, protein families

Day 6: Proteomes

W: Proteome

Day 7: Functional groups of proteins: membrane proteins

Day 8: Midterm quiz

Day 9: Protein synthesis: translation, regulation

Day 10: Mass spectrometry and protein analysis

Day 11: Signaling, protein interaction networks

Day 12: Function prediction, disease

Day 13: Protein/proteome evolution

Day 14: Enzymology and metabolic networks

Day 15: Final exam